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Rod and his family moved to Northwest Montana in 2000 from Texas where Rod was in the banking business. He came to Whitefish to join American Bank as its’ Northern Region President. Rod was in the banking business for 31 years prior to retiring from banking and entering real estate in 2005. After the first three years that Rod spent building his real estate business he joined Westward Bound Real Estate and focuses on high end resort and commercial properties along with large ranches across the state.

He graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a BBA in finance and from Oklahoma City University with an MBA in finance. After graduate school Rod also attended and completed the Graduate School of Business at Stanford in International Investments.

Rod, along with his wife Margaret, are members of St. Matthews Catholic parish in Kalispell. Rod also spends three days a week working for the parish helping the needy in Flathead County.


Tel: 406-253-4411

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